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Jim Ellis Freeway Park proudly celebrates its 40th Birthday on July 3, 2016!

40 years ago Jim Ellis Freeway Park opened to the citizens of Seattle. The first park in America to lid an interstate, the Park is a feat of architecture and engineering as well as a community jewel. Come celebrate this momentous occasion on July 3rd at Freeway Park in Bloom! This community event includes free music, food and activities for the whole family including face painting and a tour of Freeway Park’s arboretum with Seattle’s Tree Ambassadors. Celebrate with us from 11:30-2pm, and stay for the launch of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department’s second annual Free Blues and Cool Jazz. Bring a picnic and settle in for a beautiful day at Freeway Park!

M IS S I O N :

The Freeway Park Association mobilizes resources and community members to ensure widespread enjoyment and the continued maintenance of Jim Ellis Freeway Park in partnership with the City and the community, for present and future generations of Seattle residents and visitors.

V I S I O N  :

Through the creation of rich and dynamic outdoor experiences in a well maintained and safe environment, the Freeway Park Association is recognized as the innovative driving force behind Seattle’s most iconic downtown park and is a model for community/city partnerships working toward the improvement of urban open spaces.

The Freeway Park Association is made up of an Executive Director, a Board of Directors and our wonderful members!

O U R   E X E C U T I V E  D I R E C T O R :

Riisa Conklin

O U R  B O A R D  OF  D I R E C T O R S :

Bob Anderson, Horizon House

Mary Cutler, Town Hall Seattle

Jim Erickson, First Hill Improvement Association

Mike Evans,  Founder of FPA

Robert Hankins, ACT Theatre

Tim Holt, Washington Holdings

Alex Hudson, First Hill Improvement Association

Mike James, Royal Manor

Dan Johnson, Washington State Convention Center

Bob Kagan, Laconia LLC

Mark Linden, Exeter House

Mary Howard, Virgina Mason Medical Center

Sheila Smith, ACT Theater


3 thoughts on “A B O U T US

  1. I am working with the Pike Pine Neighborhood group. We would like to meet with you to discuss the extension of the Freeway Park. I am following up on an email that I sent to Riisa Conklin last week.

  2. I go to freeway park a lot, to read, nap, and get away from downtown sometimes. I discovered the free shows on sundays and have been thoroughly floored with every band I have seen. This is an awesome way to spend a nice summer day and I am glad I stumbled upon it. Thank you

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