About the Freeway Park Association
The Freeway Park Association was established in 1993 in response to the community’s demand for greater public safety in their aging neighborhood park. Freeway Park began to see a decline in the late 1980s when its robust plant palette became unruly due to lack of maintenance, growing larger than originally intended, shading out its poorly conceived lighting poles and creating dark areas where elicit behavior was easily hidden. FPA quickly formed an enduring relationship with Seattle Parks and Recreation to further its desire to lend the necessary support, ideas, energy, and fundraising to restore the neglected park.
Today, FPA is a seasoned, membership‐based, 501(c)(3) whose yearly dues from neighbors around the park help to sustain a diverse programming calendar of free events for the community. Its Board of Directors represents the long‐range commitment of neighboring organizations and the continued spirit of civic activism that the park’s namesake, Jim Ellis, instilled in our City and our park.
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Our Mission & Vision

The Freeway Park Association mobilizes resources and community members to ensure widespread enjoyment and the continued maintenance of Jim Ellis Freeway Park in partnership with the City and the community, for present and future generations of Seattle residents and visitors.

Through the creation of rich and dynamic outdoor experiences in a well maintained and safe environment, the Freeway Park Association is recognized as the innovative driving force behind Seattle’s most iconic downtown park and is a model for community/city partnerships working toward the improvement of urban public spaces.

Our Team
Our Board of Directors

Tim Holt

President: Washington Holdings

Mary Cutler

Vice President: Town Hall

Dan Johnson

Treasurer: Washington State Convention Center

Sheila Smith

Secretary: ACT Theatre

Jennifer Casillas

Downtown Seattle Association

Jim Erickson

First Hill Improvement Association and First Hill resident

Mike Evans

Founder of the FPA

Alex Hudson

First Hill Improvement Association and First Hill Resident

Brian Hultz

Horizon House

Mike James

Royal Manor and First Hill resident

Rich Mencel

Virginia Mason

Chea Morgan

Berkshire Communities

Beth Topping

KCTS 9 and Downtown Resident

Anne McCullough

First Hill Improvement Association

Our Members
ACT Theatre
Horizon House
Laconia LLC / Cielo Tower
Presbyterian Retirement Communities NW
Plymouth Congregational Church
Renaissance Seattle Hotel
Royal Manor Condominium
Sunset Club
ACT Theatre
Town Hall Seattle
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Washington Holdings
Washington State Convention Center
Washington Athletic Club
Women’s University Club
Our Partners